Ammonia + Energy = Amogy

Mission: To decarbonize transportation for a sustainable future

The Problem

Transportation accounts for 17% of global and 32% of the US greenhouse gas emissions. As the world transitions to net zero, solutions are needed to remove carbon from the transportation sector. Batteries and hydrogen fuel cells offer part of the answer, but for weight and volume constrained applications, such as heavy-duty ground/sea/air transportations, it is critical to find solutions with high energy density which deliver zero emission power, without compromising on performance.

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By 2040, 

Amogy will eliminate ~5 Gt CO2-eq globally,  reducing 10% of total GHG emission

The Solution

Ammonia as an energy carrier offers a compelling solution for these applications, due to its significantly higher energy density than batteries or conventional gaseous hydrogen storage. However, to date, ammonia as an energy carrier has been under-explored due to the lack of technology which can efficiently extract energy from ammonia in a constrained space. Amogy’s technology unlocks the potential of ammonia for mobility applications by providing a highly efficient, light weight, compact ammonia processor.

Amogy’s solution can deliver zero carbon and high-performance mobility in several commercial markets, including UAV, off-road vehicles, and marine and air transportations, accelerating our journey towards the net zero economy.

The Technology

Step 1. Energy stored in liquid NH3 fuel - 5.19 kWh/kg

Step 2. Ammonia fuel converted to H2 using AMOGY technology

Step 3. H2 into fuel cell, H2O & N2 out

Step 4. Fuel cell powers zero-emission mobility

Energy Density (Wh/kg)







We enable decarbonization without sacrificing performance.

In November, Amogy's founders officially launched the company with the goal of converting


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